Vote Honey Badger 2012 – I’m Here in Tampa; Press Conf. Tomorrow!

It’s true, lovers! I’m here in a damp Tampa, Florida, getting ready for the big press conference tomorrow to announce the introduction of the Honey Badger Party! If you live in the area or are bored with the RNC, please come visit us!!! IT WILL BE STREAMING LIVE AT 6PM EST HERE:

Ami Bowen, Honey Badger 2012 staff
(727) 480-4162,


Honey Badger Don’t Care: He Eats Issues For Breakfast

Tampa, Florida [August 25, 2012] The Honey Badger 2012 campaign is digging its claws in for the
Republican National Convention to humorously point out the absurdity of the issues that are taking center
stage in the election drama.

Honey Badger’s focus is creating awareness around real solutions to the serious global issues we all face. In short, Honey Badger doesn’t want to hear any more discussions about our problems; he wants solutions that work for everyone. Solutions that work financially and environmentally, while at the same time empowering the communities they serve. Like the honey badger’s “scraps” support the birds and coyotes…this solution is one that is of benefit to all. An official Press Conference will be held Tuesday, August 28 from 6 to 8 pm.

The average American has long grown tired of the political rhetoric, yet they continue to grow hungry for
a viral video featuring a real honey badger doing real honey badger things. “Birth certificates? Tax returns?

Honey Badger don’t care – that’s just paper! Paper makes a great fuel by the way.” Honey Badger’s platform
supports using “waste” to create clean renewable energy. And there’s the reason the founders of The
Roosevelt 2.0 decided to invite the Honey Badger to join them to announce his official platform for the
2012 election.

The official headquarters will be located in one of the oldest buildings in Ybor City, in the heart of Tampa’s historic entertainment district and in the midst of all the RNC action. Called the Roosevelt 2.0, the space is intended to be one full of positive energy and exciting activity throughout the week. There will be art, music, conversation and positivity.

The staff of the Roosevelt 2.0 are preparing for events all week. Sunday offers yoga, tea, music and a mindful capitalism talk. Tuesday is the main focus, with a personal appearance by press secretary “Randall”- the voice behind the viral sensation Honey Badger video (50,000,000 views) – formally announcing the Honey Badger 2012 platform. A book signing followed by a performance by locally-loved Americana band Applebutter Express will continue the festivities into the evening.

The campaign will continue to update the public in an ongoing video series through the election in
November. A team of film students from the Art Institute of Tampa are producing the media with the
intention of creating career opportunities for students.

Event listings will be updated daily at


About Honey Badger: He has lived in the wild since birth and has practiced everything from cobra fighting
to bee larvae eating. Honey Badger graduated from the school of hard knocks and continues to learn
through real-life lessons. Honey Badger is not a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green Party, Tea Party
or any other label – he just don’t care.