Senator McConnell Gets Honey Badgered

It’s true, lovers! I entered the #mcconnelling ring today with my latest video, which parodies Senator Mitch McConnell‘s viral spot.  The McConnell video caught on fire when The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, created a #mconnelling mashup then encouraged viewers to upload their own #mcconnelling vids! Needless to say, as of today, there are a great number of these vids and each one is as funny as the next!

I’m excited to be a part of this political trend and hope y’all love my #mcconnelling video! FYI-Mitch McConnell is the Minority Leader in the Senate and has been since 2007. With a legal background, McConnell and his camp seem pleased by all of the hoopla–and why not?  After all, it only brings them more attention and exposure.  =) xoxo