My “Voice” Fantasy Comes True!!! =) xoxo

It’s true, lovers! I was on NBC’s The Voice, and performed to the four coaches, during a “blind audition”! The process was terrifying. I didn’t know when I would go and a lot of time was spent waiting and listening to others, just like, totally rock it! What was I to do? I was happy with my song choice–Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”. I’ve always loved that song and felt I could give it some emotion and feeling!

Well, when my time finally came, I belted out the s**t outta the tune and first, Blake Shelton turns for me, then, just at the end–I start doing my runs and BOOM BOOM BOOM! All four chairs turned! Could it be?! Adam and Xtina were so excited, they stood up on their chairs! Cee-Lo and the rest were really excited, to see moi–they couldn’t believe it was me–the honey badger guy, and when you watch my deleted scene from the show, it shows on their faces!

But boy, was I in shock! I love all four of them and it was going to be a very tough decision–choosing a team. Who would I choose? Would I offend the others? Could I still be their friend? I mean, what?! My knees were knocking together, hands shaky; when all of a sudden, one of the producers, I hear, calls out, “stop! Stop it. Cut it,” and there was all of this commotion, like the locomotion! People were whispering and talking. Then, a tall woman and shorter, older gentleman approach me quietly and she says, “just wave and smile and follow us.” I was like, “what? Are you kidding?” She shook her head and the little guy says, “just do as the lady says.” I said, “okay” and did a nice wave, managed to blow a few kisses, then quickly left with my two new friends.

In a studio tunnel, they tell me something to the effect of, “we can’t let you compete with those kids” and “it’d be unfair”. Well, I was just in shock. First, I accomplished my dream of singing before those amazingly talented artists! Second, I was being told I couldn’t compete? Anyways, I signed a lot of papers and made my way out the “star exit” as they called it. Crazy right? Anyways, mission accomplished, I say. It was an experience I shall never forget. Dreams feed our ambition!

Randall =)