LEAVE COLBERT ALONE!!! =( xoxo #DontCancelColbert

Lately, the social platforms, Twitter specifically, have been ablaze with trending, socially active hashtags!  Good, Golly, did I just write that?!  Most recently, the hashtag, #CancelColbert started trending when Suey Park used in in response to a Tweet from The Colbert Show itself.  The Tweet took a gag outta context and when it stood alone, it came off as incentive and racist–two things neither Colbert himself, nor his show, are!  PLEASE STOP WANTING TO CANCEL HIS PROGRAM!!! =( xoxo

Not knowing the offensive Tweet, was a line taken from a show segment, mocking Dan Snyder and his messy business with the Washington Redskins (just one of a few, horribly named teams–I mean, names of teams have always kinda changed throughout time, why not just change the name already?!  It’s gross and rude considering it is 2014, after all), folks have been so mean towards Stephen “Sweetie-Pie” Colbert.  And it’s not even his fault!  I mean, this Tweet in question, came from his show’s account, not his personal one-there’s no question, it was a stupid Tweet to make especially when out of context, but there is no need to want to cancel his show!  Think of all of the fabulous things Colbert has not only done with his program, but for various charities too including Autism Speaks!!!

You kids out there reading this, are probs too young to remember, but there was once a show called, “All in the Family” with a curmudgeon of a patriarch in Archie Bunker.  It was on CBS.  It was a major show; ran nine seasons.  And it was completely non-PC–in fact, it was politically wrong, but for all the right reasons!  Through comedy, we’ve been able to break down a lot of walls and Colbert continues to do so on his program.  Ultimately, there is no need to take this out on Colbert and I just wish everyone mean, would leave him alone!  The man is just a human being–like you…like moi.  Sweetie Colbert is not to blame for that Tweet, but to be commended for the full piece from which the gag was thoughtlessly pulled and used without his knowing!

I had to take action.  I had to do something to respond to the hateful hashtags bombarding not only Sweetie Colbert’s world, but all of us, Twitter users (“Users”? Hmmm, I never thought of it that way!).  I put my heart and literal tears into the making of this selfie-vid-plea!  Enjoy and #Share and #SavetheAnimals and #AdoptAPet

Peace & Honey Badgers  =) xoxo

‘Colbert Report’ Asian Joke On Twitter Leads To #CancelColbert