Honey Bears Don’t Care! =) xoxo

It’s true, lovers! Honey bears really don’t care–when they’re hungry, they’re hungry and ain’t nothing going to stop ’em! And when it comes to their hunger and ours’ as humans, “how” matters! This is why I support Chobani yogurt–the way they make their yogurts is very important–not just because it’s all natural and delish, but made from local cows WITHOUT nastyass growth hormones! Learn more about this healthy yogurt HERE  And discover more about the brown bear HERE

These honey bears are found doing their thing in North America–like, super far north! Like, burrrrr! The species itself has seen a great deal of change to their habitat. The more humans take away, the more brown bears and other animals, take to the cities and towns–looking for snacks. It’s a horrible situation to take away animals’ environment, only to then kill them, out of fear and for safety, when they enter ours.

To find out what you can do to help save the brown bears, please click HERE


Randall =) xoxo